KSI Bahrain Consultants and Public Accountants

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Our service is unique as we assign a qualified and experienced advisors to perform and supervise every engagement.

We specialize in dealing with entrepreneurial business owners who want to work with experienced corporate finance advisers committed to maximizing the opportunities available to smaller and medium sized companies.

  1. Business Disposals

    Whatever your reason for seeking a disposal, you will want to maximise the return on your investment by selling at a competitive market valuation. The ability to achieve this outcome and your desired exit route will depend largely upon your Corporate Finance Adviser’s expertise.

    Our business advisory affiliate, KSI Financial Consultants, is committed and competent to ensure the highest returns for our clients.

    Our services obtainable during the disposal process involve the following:

    • Critical appraisal and grooming of business prior to disposal
    • Valuation
    • Preparation of sales memoranda and information packs
    • Identification and assessment of potential purchasers
    • Controlling the sale process
    • Negotiating with preferred bidder
    • Advising on structuring the transaction in a manner which will enhance the prospects of reaching a successful deal and maximising your return
    • Transaction completion, including commercial and accounting due diligence processes, which can be performed by our in-house
    • Liaising with other adviseors involved in the transaction The deal is finally wrapped up with commercial and accounting due diligence, leading to the completion of the sale. Throughout this process our ‘total transaction support’ specialist teams are available to offer a fully integrated transaction service.

  2. Business Valuation

    Regardless of your objective to value your business, whether to sell, or to raise funds. We often ask to value individual shareholdings when they are planning or invest in a business.

    Value is clearly linked to financial performance, but there are other attributes which increase or decrease the true financial value of a business.

    If you are looking to raise funds or sell your business, we work closely with you to establish your desired valuation. If there are gaps in your business that prevent you from achieving that valuation, we'll use our knowledge of the sector to design a strategy that bridges the ‘valuation gap’.

    Our business advisory affiliate is committed and competent to ensure the highest returns for our clients.

  3. Due Diligence

    When buying anything, the legal maxim caveat emptor – ‘let the buyer beware’ – applies. That’s where due diligence comes in, and where we can help.

    There are three types of due diligence: commercial, financial, and legal.

    Commercial due diligence

    This is the process by which you, the buyer, assess the viability of your target purchase and its market position relative to your own. It is designed to ensure that you are buying a company with real value, which will complement and enhance your own business’s growth prospects.

    To help you do this, we will work closely with your key managers – those responsible for the integration and/or long-term running of your acquisition.

    This is where our years of related industry knowledge provide genuine added value. When you are looking for pitfalls, it helps to know what to look for - what we certainly do.

    Our knowledge of different industries and unique benchmarking capabilities can help you identify the areas that require the most scrutiny.

    Financial due diligence

    Accounting and auditing being our regular business, we know every aspects of many industries and their business which helps us to perform financial due diligence activities in most effective and efficient manner.

    We thoroughly evaluate the target company’s financials before issuing our reports on its current and historical financial positions. We also reviews of future prospects and reliability of financial forecasts.

    With our expertise, we can advise you on whether the proposed purchase price is too high and, if required, help restructure a deal that suits you better.

    Legal due diligence

    Legal due diligence ensures that the price you pay is ‘fair’ and takes into account any liabilities and potential hidden downsides that might arise after the sale.

    In this respect, we support our clients and work alongside the lawyers, not only to structure warranties, but also to help with tax and other potential areas of risk.

    Warranties made by the vendor are a key part of any sale agreement. They cover both commercial and tax areas. They alert you to potential risks and allow us to help you manage those risks. Warranties need to be structured and worded carefully to enable you to claim compensation for any loss.

  4. Growth Capital

    We arrange growth capital funds for private companies, from the network of financial institutions which closely work with us and operating in Bahrain and MENA. Those banks are classified as wholesale corporate, retail, and investment banks that are both conventional and sharia-compliant (Islamic).

  5. Joint Ventures & Shareholders Agreements

    It is important to define a future business relationship from the outset. Whether the relationship comprises two parties getting together in a joint venture function, or a small number of shareholders getting together to form a new company and a new business, both involve a similar level of considerations.

    We regularly help in the formation of new ventures and have detailed knowledge of the issues and how best to avoid the pitfalls that would come across in the future through possible inadvertences.

  6. Lead Advisory, Strategic & Exit Route Planning

    In this field, we are able to provide the following services:

    • Strategic and corporate planning advice
    • Advising on profitability improvement and cash management
    • Advising on financial structures for your business, arranging the purchase of own shares, and arranging any necessary shareholder agreements
    • Restructuring debt and devising cost control programmes for businesses facing difficulties
    • Exit route planning and implementation of chosen strategy
  7. We have a continuously updated list of local and international business buyers. This, supplemented by our detailed knowledge across many sectors, enables us to introduce premium buyers to our clients in a confidential and professional manner and help our clients achieve a cost-effective buyer selection.

  8. Management Buy-Outs & Buy-Ins

    We, together our teams in Morrison KSi network, have the appropriate experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions to the Management Buy-Out and Management Buy-In processes, regardless of the nature, size and location.

    We use a combination of sector knowledge and a commercial approach in doing the following:

    • Providing preliminary advice on feasibility
    • Advising on the preparation of a business plan and financial modelling
    • Providing an independent valuation of the business
    • Advising on the raising of finance from appropriate sources
    • Carrying out due diligence work
    • Conducting negotiations with the vendor
    • Providing tax advice to optimize clients’ personal and corporate tax positions
    • Coordinating the work of other professionals from inception through to completion

    In the valuation process, our knowledge and expertise in many different industries will allow us to supplement the management knowledge to arrive at a competitive price.

    Our fundraising service removes a potentially time consuming responsibility from you so that you can concentrate on your other commitments. We have a range of contacts and the research capability to identify and approach an array of potential funders, enabling us to obtain a suitable funding solution for each type of business.

  9. Mergers & Acquisitions

    A merger or an acquisition can only work as part of a well formulated business strategy that also takes into account post transaction issues, such as psychological impact, physical alterations and change management.

    At our Bahrain office, and in cooperation with London office, we will help you to review your long term aspirations and decisions on whether a merger or an acquisition is indeed appropriate for your business. We will then use our understanding of your long-term objectives to develop suitable criteria for the assessment of potential targets.

    We always allocate a partner dedicated to your transaction. This ensures that you will always be fully informed and that proactive advice is available when you require it to create confidence in you, that the deal does not falter in the critical stages.